Opening and Change of Fortune

Opening and Change of Fortune


What is gray aura?
What is misfortune?
What comes from Negative Energy?

How many times have you wondered why your life is not moving forward?
How many times have you been tired of the noise in your house and in your family?
How many times have you started something in your life and stopped due to problems and obstacles appearing out of nowhere?
Have you gotten to the point where you no longer have the appetite and courage to do anything? Even the simplest things at home, in the family or at work;

Have you ever wondered why you got to this point?
Have you ever wondered where all this difficult situation in your life came from?

Is it time to learn all this?
Is it time to correct all the bad texts in your life?
Is it time to radically change your life?

The first step in solving your problems is to find out where they came from through forecasting the Tarot cards and maybe to anticipate them!!!
Through it we clearly see the history of every situation…. (past, present, future).
Your own life.
Where did all this came from, if they did something bad to you, or if a member of your family did it to you, or even if it is not done directly to you but you are indirectly affected!!

There are always two reasons why a person reaches this state:
- the bad things that have happened to him.
- to have a lot of Evil Energy from your surrounding.

The solution is one and it is called AURA CLEANING - OPENING & CHANGE OF LUCK!!!!
It is a 21-day job, consisting of a very specific prayer. A cleaning incense and a special holy water.
The incense is consisted of 3 different incense, specially made and activated in Egypt to expel any negative energy.
Individual cleaning can be done as well as family cleaning!
Usually, family cleaning is done for all family members and they are readed and we ask for each one individually for what is needed.
Along with this work, a protective amulet that a family member needs most is also made.
Of course, there is a possibility for more amulets to be made for another member of the family after consultation with Mrs. Valentini Vassiliadou.

This is an opening and a change of fortune for the all family and for the business, the mood and the course and the fate of the family really change.

Everyone who has done it so far has seen a significant improvement in their lives!!!
Besides, we see miracles every day!!!

Don't let your life flow into misery, sadness, depression anymore...
Change your life!!!
Ask for it from Mrs. Valentini Vassiliadou!!!
After all, she is your fairy!!!

She has clearly proven how much she loves her fellow human beings!!!

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