About Valentini

Valentini Vassiliadou
The Good Fairy of Future!!!

   The good fairy of future, as the world of media calls her. She is the inspirer, founder and creator of the most famous coffee shop in Greece “Suerte, the Cafe of Fortune” and to the “Spiritual Search Center”.

   She is a charismatic and dynamic woman with endless positive energy. Her love and respect for her fellow human, is the one thing that wins everybody (even the most skeptical person) from the very first minute.

   She was born and raised in the city of Thessaloniki. She studied marketing, management & public relations at a college in the city. After becoming a mother of two wonderful children, she attended psychology and life counseling seminars in America. Later on, she studied counseling and psychology at the Open University of Thessaloniki.

   She started her business career in 1985 with an import and transport company, until 1999. At the same time, she traveled a lot due to professional obligations and at every opportunity she attended various seminars of Greek and foreign scientists.
   Since 2000, together with partners, she created the largest technical air conditioning and ventilation company, with 120 people staff ... a unique business model of that time, until 2009, collaborating with the largest companies in Greece.

But like a romantic and idealistic soul she is, she needed to deal with an object that concerned the human soul. Her restless spirit continued to search for the ideal because ... she always liked to help those around her when asked and she became happy through it.
   And so, she inspired and created “SUERTE, the Cafe of Fortune”. Suerte café was the only one in Greece. It was installed for 4 years, in a three-floor traditional renovated building. On the most central street of the city, on Tsimiski street, in the well-known Ladadika area and operated until the end of February 2007. Later on, continued its successful course as a “Spiritual Search Center” for psychological support in Venizelou street until 2009. Due to the unique and original idea, the cafe of fortune “Suerte” became the subject of reporting on most of the Greek television channels in the main news, in newspapers with extensive articles and reports in magazines in the form of two-page tributes.
From the beginning, Mrs. Valentini Vassiliadou constantly received invitations from the majority of television media channels and appeared on almost all morning, noon and evening shows.
It was immediately accepted and loved by the journalists and the television audience of the country and this was constantly proved by the countless phone calls to the telephone centers of the channels and at the cafe “Suerte”.
In fact, some shows asked for permanent collaboration with continuous appearances. They already collaborate with her by contract, nationwide magazines, and the largest sites & portals in the country, with weekly astrological predictions and tips.
Of course, there is no lack of interest in the radio stations of the city, where Mrs. Vasiliadou makes predictions and consulting.
She did a astrological radio show for 6 months, but due to lack of free time he was forced to leave the radio.
Many tv shows were filmed in the cafe Suerte, some with satellite connection and some with a visit to studios.
Two big Greek television channels had expressed their desire to host weekly shows with her as presenter so that the viewers could communicate directly with her.
At the same time, she made her first tv production shows "Viva Suerte" with topics of astrological predictions, human relations and with various guests of the country.

    She was absent again for 6 months in California, USA, where she attended life coaching seminars. After returning from America, she opened her own personal spaces. One in Aristotelous Square in Thessaloniki. One in Alimos area, in Athens and one in Mykonos, where she can receive people who need to consult her on their issues in the form of a personal session or a telephone session from all over the world!

   From 2009 until today she has her TV show called "Zodiac Signs and Tips" which is shown daily on 4 TV channels in Greece with a great success.





She writes astrological predictions on many sites in Greece. In a weekly base in the newspaper “KARFITSA” and in a monthly basis in the magazine “MY EXTENTION”.

   She is a member and a sponsor of many charities and associations all over Greece, such as ROTARY OF THESSALONIKI - NETH - M.A.Z.I - LUMP OF LIFE - Make a wish etc.

   At the same time, she is preparing her first book, which will be published soon and her own divination art deck which will overturn again all the data. The deck of the 21st century. The divination deck of fortune SUERTE.

   Her tv show ΄΄Zodiac Signs & Tips΄΄ has a large audience throughout the country, because it is the only one that gives joy and strength to viewers!!!
The result of her successful television show is that many people from all over Greece have improved and changed their lives from the tips and her positive energy!!!

Her love for people is her driving force!!!