Life Coach


A Life Consultant in simple words, advises. He tells you his opinion. He is paid for his opinion, knowledge, experience, practices, guidance and ideas.
A Life Consultant can not and should not force you to do something you do not want or you do not believe. This is not his job. This is someone else's job, which is good to never meet in your life.

Some people think that they do not need a Life Counselor ....
• Because they know everything
• Because life is theirs and they take their risks.
• Because everything goes perfectly well.
• Because they have found solutions to addictions: drugs, cigarettes, drinks, gambling, shopping.
• Because they are satisfied in an extramarital affair.
• Because they do not need anyone.
• Because they learned to live with their flaws
• Because they do not have the strength they need.
etc. etc.

If you do not understand, many things in your life may not be as you wanted, or at least many areas of your life can be improved to make you happy and happier.
Perhaps the most valuable qualification of the Life Consultant is his objectivity, his ability to speak to you straightforward, so that you emphasize what you already know, but do not admit. Shout out to you what friends and relatives can not tell you (because they are afraid their relationship with you will deteriorate). To land you or take you off as the case may be.

Our view is that everyone needs a Life Consultant who:
• Offers you his knowledge and experience.
• Help you identify potential problems and malfunctions.
• To support you.
• Help you make the right changes.
• To give you his impartial and objective point of view.
• To train you.
• To help you get rid of all the 'dirt' of the past.
• Help you identify and create new opportunities in all areas of your life.
• Teach you how to influence situations and people.
And all this in a secret, psychotherapeutic environment.

You too can benefit from a Life Consultant, either with one-on-one personal sessions, or in Seminars - Workshops organized by the Spiritual Search Centre with Mrs. Valentini Vassiliadou as a speaker.