Counseling Psychology


Tip - The opinion or recommendation you formulate to help, guide someone on how best to act: Friendly, kind, valuable, helpful, wise, prudent.

Good habits that can change your life!!!

Many times, people look for recipes of happiness and success outside of themselves and complain that their fate or life has brought them so that they are dissatisfied and unhappy.

And while of course there are clearly objective difficulties and problems, in most cases, the way one deals with life is what determines the degree of happiness and satisfaction.
Active attitude: It is the ability of man to control his environment (family, other people, work, etc.) and not to be led and carried away by it ...

Self-confidence, the existence of choices and the power to make the right decisions for oneself (without doing what would please others) and the situations that concern one are important parameters ...

So, make the decision and stop complaining and whining. If you need to mourn a loss or injustice do so, but not with the intention of consuming it.

The purpose is after you mourn to accept the situation as it is, without imagining "what it would be like if ...". Mourning should lead to acceptance.
From the acceptance of things and the realistic evaluation of the data, one starts to set goals and change one's life.

Usually, people have general and vague desires, but they do not develop a specific plan or strategies to achieve what they want. Thus, it is very important to start by setting specific goals and learning to focus on what is relevant to your goal, without being distracted along the way. In this way better concentration, productivity and success are achieved.

Prioritize: You need to become your own manager, which means you need to learn to organize and implement your activities so that they align with your goal.

It is important to set priorities, as it is not possible to achieve everything at once. Evaluate your goals and decide which ones are really important so that you can devote time and effort to achieving them.

Think in terms of your personal victory: it's a good habit to develop in order to treat each situation as a possible victory - not a defeat.

Instead of thinking that everything in life is like a pie and whoever gets a piece will make the pieces smaller and fewer for the rest, think that in life there is plenty for everyone.

So instead of starting to think that you will not succeed or that there are insurmountable obstacles, adopt a realistic attitude that dictates that you can succeed, even if you have to face some difficulties.

Also, when interacting with other people make them feel that they have something to gain.

Understand others first and then seek to be understood: it is the best recipe for interpersonal and professional relationships. What do others think? What do they want? What are they afraid of? How can you reach them better?

These questions should guide your behavior in order to free yourself from the fear of "others do not understand me" and to develop functional, successful relationships.

Collaborate: One can achieve more through collaboration. You need to pay attention to the choices of the people you will work with but also to the strategy of how exactly you will handle the situation of cooperation. However, this is better than hiding in the shell and believing that you can do it all on your own, without any cooperation.

Personal renewal: Our selfs  has many dimensions - emotional / social, spiritual, physical and mental. It is necessary to nurture every aspect of oneself and to cultivate one's potential in each of these areas.

One needs to find one's personal sources of pleasure and not think that one should lift the cross of one's martyrdom. This means that one should put aside one's fears and be renewed, giving personal meaning to one's life.

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