Bracelet with Pearls and Corals

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Bracelet with Pearls and Corals

   The bracelet with pure naturals - true Caspian Sea pearls, tied with red corals it is an exceptional and a very elegant piece of jewelry. When it touches your skin it is activated to protect you from the evil eye and to give you health, prosperity, wealth and love.
- A pearl jewelry, properly activated, can bring wealth to whoever wears it and improves financial and working conditions.
- It is able to gather all the scattered things and emotions.

   The Red Coral brings prosperity, wealth and is considered protective and lucky.
- The red coral attracts passion and intense erotic emotions.
- It is said to enhance fertility, fight infertility and to stimulate the female energy.
- It protects against various accidents, which is why even today, a piece of coral hangs on baby cribs.
- It is considered a very strong antidepressant cause it prevents negative emotions and violent reactions.
- It dispels confusion, it promotes positive thinking and sharpens the mind.
- It keeps stress and nightmares away.

Worn by all ages at all hours!
* Excellent Choice for a Gift!!!

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